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Dear Best Friend



I’m done with trying to be good enough; 

I’ve lost all of the games, every battle.

Though I am tearing off the handcuffs,

I won the war that has left you rattled.


Because without me in your life,

Without me to always lift you up

You saw how I helped you through all the strife.

Nobody would help you out of your slump.


Can you now finally see how you treated me? 

Whenever you needed me, I was always there, 

There for you more than any other company.

You knew I was the only one who truly cared.


Yet never once were you there to help me.

You never returned or acknowledged my favors or gifts.

Maybe I want you to regret how you treated me,

How you never once steered me away from my cliffs.


But I have to ask you why, though.

Why did you always brush me aside?

Friends don’t let other friends fall. You know.

Could it have been your pride?


Was it pride that kept me at a distance from the start? 

No trust in me; no secrets shared with me.

Does relying on others rip you apart?

Do you believe that trust makes you weak?


And so, I no longer wish to be your best friend,

Because of all the mistakes made and the lies.

I deserve better than to be a backup friend,

But before I go, I’ll leave you with this parting piece of advice:


May you always be compassionate and kind.

Always strive to be the greatest teacher.

Be quick to listen because you may find

Speaking isn’t always your greatest feature. 


Learn to trust others as they learn to believe in you.

Never become too caught up in your pride.

Break down the walls and walk in another’s shoes.

Don’t be selfish or run and hide. 

Lastly, old friend, before I take my leave

Be the best friend you would want to receive.

Published in Iowa's Honors Newsletter 2020

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